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Covid-19 changes

We regret that we will have to make a number of changes to what we provide and the way the cottages are presented in order to reduce the risk of Covid-19.

We will need more time to get the cottage ready as lots of items will need disinfecting after cleaning and we regret we will have to change the arrival time to 5pm instead of 3pm. If this will create difficulty, please let us know.

As government guidance becomes available/alters, further changes may be necessary.

We will not be able to provide a welcome pack nor a home-made cake. We will provide sachets of coffee and tea etc. The amount of crockery will be reduced due to us having to re-wash everything in the dishwasher at 60 degrees. Board games, books etc will have to be removed. 

If UK government public health measures mean you are not allowed to travel or we have to cancel your booking due to Covid-19 - because previous guests have contracted it or we or our cleaners have it or are in quarantine or we are forced by authorities to close - then we will refund you the cost of your booking in full and this will be the limit of our liabilities to you.

If you are unable to come because you have Covid-19 or are required to quarantine or your group is not allowed to stay due to Covid-19 regulations, we will refund you for your cost of your booking less £30 administration fee.